Saturday, 11 January 2014

Extras + Info update fixes ‘screen sensitivity’ issue on Lumia 1520

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We all are familiar with Nokia's latest flagship device, aka Lumia 1520. The device had won the hearts of millions of Windows Phone fans. The device is said to have the most powerful hardware till date. All over the world people loved it. But some of the users reported a issue ‘screen sensitivity’. This resulted in a tap while scrolling.Think of scrolling through your emails and instead of scrolling down, you open a message unintendedly. As reported by WPCentral, the latest version of Extras+Info app has removed this issue. Some users informed that the problem is somewhat fixed while others say it is not.
Nokia did respond to user complaints in their help forum, noting that an over-the-air software update was due to fix the issue in January.

                    "Hi, We are working on it. Issue will be fixed with the new 
                      SW release available over the air during January 3rd or 4th week. 
                      Sorry for the inconvenience..."

So, do our Lumia 1520 readers got it solved?
Let us know in the comment section. 


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