Monday, 8 June 2015

Microsoft will shutdown the #API Connectivity features

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Microsoft recently announced that Graph API that helps you to connect the Facebook account with People app of windows phone, OneDrive and other applications, will be shutdown, there is o specific reason yet. Here is what microsoft has to say:

" Facebook's Graph API is the tool that we use to connect your Microsoft account to Facebook. It brings contact information from your Facebook friends into and the Windows People app, keeps those contacts up-to-date, and provides options in apps and services like Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, and to share to Facebook. We collectively refer to these features as Facebook Connect. Due to these changes, Facebook Connect features will no longer be supported." The support page goes into more de " .

Below are the Platforms for which the app will no longer be available
  • Outlook Contacts
  • Windows, Windows Phone, Office 365
  • Windows 8.1, 8 People app
  • OneDrive Online feature
  • Windows Live Essentials
  • Outlook connector to social sites
  • Windows 8 photo gallery and movie maker
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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Skype BUG that can put your software in a never ending loop

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 Few days ago, a BUG was spotted on all platforms of skype. If you send a message containing “http://:”, the app would crash on any platform. Thankfully, the awesome engineering team over at Skype has been working hard to release a fix quickly, and it’s live right now. The company stated:

We are aware of a problem that was causing Skype clients to crash. Our engineering teams worked hard to resolve this issue, and have released updates for all impacted Skype platforms. 

According to our information, the bug was discovered in the skype forums, when a user had a complaint about the same issue and may of the users agreed.As Microsoft is one of the companies that will do anything  satisfy the customers, so we are sure that skype bug will be removed as soon as possible.

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12 Compute Cores, Revealed by AMD

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Yesterday, AMD revealed  its 6th generation processors, said to be world's first high performance  accelerated processing units in a system on chip. The chips are codename as carrizo.the 6th Generation AMD A-Series Processor takes advantage of extensive AMD processor and graphics IP enabling exceptional computing experiences not possible before.

world’s first High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) hardware decode support for notebooks, the first Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) 1.0-compliant design, and the first ARM® TrustZone®-capable high-performance APU. The new processor harnesses up to 12 Compute Cores – 4 CPU + 8 GPU* – leveraging AMD “Excavator” cores and the third generation of AMD’s award-winning Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture. The result is a groundbreaking processor that boasts more than twice the battery life of its predecessor, up to 2x faster gaming performance than competitive processors, innovative computing experiences enabled through HSA, and a premium Microsoft® Windows® 10 experience with support for DirectX® 12, adding up to an extraordinary experience for consumers.

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Office 2016 updated on Windows Preview

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In may, Windows preview received office 2016, yesterday, Microsoft announced about the no of users of Microsoft office on all platforms.In the update, many new and interesting features are added, lets have a glance on them.

Modification in real time
While working in word you can see what changes your team mates are making in real time .Just like TFS.

Tell Me in Outlook
This feature as we know is already present in excel, powerpoint ,word  but it will now be available in outlook too.

This feature will use Bing for your queries while working.

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Microsoft to provide windows 10 updates for all Carriers

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With huge no of windows 10 Insiders around the world. Microsoft is getting updated with the information on the carriers and the type of errors insiders are getting. With this, Microsoft will be holding complete control over the updates over the devices. After satisfaction for windows 10 for phones, Microsoft will be releasing the windows 10 for all the devices regardless of the carriers. A Microsoft spokesperson recently told ZDNet

A Microsoft spokesperson confirmed to me that that statement applies to all Windows 10 Mobile devices, personal and business, and that the new mobile update process will be consistent with the update process for Windows 10 on PCs. Updates will contain security and reliability fixes as well as new features.
If your phone is running Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft says, it will get all updates, with Microsoft making the final call on when to push the update button.
That doesn’t mean the carriers are completely out of the loop. The Windows Insider program will continue after the launch of Windows 10 Mobile, which means anyone who registers with the Insider program can get early access to updates with new features. The carriers will be part of that testing program, I’m told, probably getting access to builds at the same time as Microsoft’s Elite Dogfood group, and their input will help Microsoft decide when an update is ready to go out to all devices.
But those updates will be delivered simultaneously, to all devices on all carriers, meaning much less opportunity for fragmentation.
 it is might possible that the release of windows 10 for mobile in the starting will be carrier dependent.

The story is a little less rosy for anyone with an existing Windows Phone 8.1 device. In theory, all of those devices will be eligible for free upgrades to Windows 10 Mobile at launch. But for that upgrade, the carriers will still be pushing out the updates. That means it’s possible some Windows Phone 8.1 owners will still be awaiting their upgrade in mid-2016.

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Friday, 15 May 2015

Changelog of windows Phone 10 build 10080

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With the summer approaching, Microsoft is quickly working on preview builds for windows 10 for phones.With the all new build 10080, some of the issues has been fixed, One of our blogger is currently downloading the preview 10080, Ally of all the bloggers Gabriel Aul, has posted the following regarding the 10080 build.

1.Email will now work properly instead of opening the calendar.
2.Ringing tone should play a sound on an incoming call.
3.Windows Store Beta.
4.Universal office apps.
5.Xbox app
6.Music Preview app.
7.Video preview app.
8.Camera app windows 10.

Perhaps he has also posted the bugs you will encounter after the update:

1.Duplicate Tiles of search and phone under all apps.
2."Pending" word will appear under apps installation, which should be solved on a restart.
3. All the apps and data on SD Card will not be working, u might uninstall and reinstall the apps again in order to get work from them.
4.The old email app will show the text "error" , unremovable , it may appear banged out of the screen which u can unpin from screen
5. Those upgrading from windows 8.1 to 10080, their cellular data will be turned off while updating, which u can turn on later.
6.if you reside in Cortana enabled region (US, China, UK, France, Italy, Germany, or Spain) , please ensure that your region, language, and speech settings are restored to their default values before initiating the update. This is required in order to avoid a bug that will cause Cortana/Search to repeatedly crash.
7. if after an update u try to remoe a certain app, it will not be removed, Restart will be required.
8.Auto update for apps of store will be disabled and you have to manually check for the updates.
9.Insider Hub  wil be launced if you have updated from 8.1 to 10080.

If u encounter some other kind of errors, you are free to tell us.
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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Most awaited Build 2015

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In case u people have missed the most awaited Build 2015, we are covering the live coverage of the build , which you can too at Build 2015 .Till now Microsoft has announced some of the biggest gadgets and applications related to cloud computing and applications. Below are the key points of the announcements.

The all new Microsoft Edge

Remember the project Spartan for windows 10? Microsoft has officially announced the name of the browser as Microsoft Edge, and as the sources suggested, it is going to be the all in one web browser with integrated Cortana.

The Visual Studio
The powerful application software Microsoft Visual Studio (now 2015), has received many upgrades and got hints for all- Starters to professionals. Microsoft wants to rebuild the .Net future by helping the people with code work.

Windows Phone Store

Windows phone will support android and iOS applications. which is going to be a great news for the developers. In upcoming years, windows is expecting 1 billion users.

Windows 10

Windows 10 as expectations will be the most powerful operating system till the date. It will be the first operating system developed with  the suggestions of users and developers all around the world. It will bring the pack of features of previous windows 7 and 8.1 like translucent background and much more.

Microsoft Hololens

Not merely a machine, it is the most powerful Holographic Processing Unit, which will be a revolution in the digital world.It is packed with sensors , audio - video integrations and projections.

We will be updating the coverage as we experience it . till then , keep in touch .
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Monday, 30 March 2015

Critical Update Rolling for Windows Phone

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A critical Update has just began to Roll-out for windows phone users, we have not recieved any changelog but we can expect some bug fixes like autorestart and auto brightness bug. The update is only available to windows 8.1 users.
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Friday, 20 March 2015

App Review : Listonic - A very smart shopping list app for Windows Phone

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Are you a Shopaholic? Do you often take a shopping list with you or use some note taking app for managing your shopping list? If yes, then you must be frustrated in managing those lists! Well, Look no further, Listonic is a very smart shopping list app available for Windows Phone. Its not like some other normal app where you just create a list of items on your own and then manage it. 
In Listonic the main shopping items like Egg, Bread, Milk etc. are already given so you don't have to write them in your shopping list just a tick will do all the work. You know what's the best part? It syncs across devices that means you can share your shopping list with your family and friends and that's really cool! Something I loved the most about this app. 
- Featured as "Best Mobile app" on The Next Web Startup Awards.
The app is very simple and easy to use. Let's take a look at the app:

  • When you open the app it shows you the main screen where you can manage(add/edit/delete) your shopping lists. Below that there is a "Log In" button which lets you login through Listonic or facebook.

  • Swype will take you to another screen which consists of Trash, Settings and Suggestions. Under Trash you have an option of getting back your deleted list! Under settings you can choose the language of the app, Manage notifications, Live tiles, Tips settings etc.
List Making :


You can give a name to your shopping list, Delete it, Duplicate it, Change name, Pin your list to start for quicker access and share it. Now, after you name your list it asks you add items which you can by adding it manually or Use the quick list already available in the app where you have loads of items like Milk, Chicken, Chocolates etc. where you can add the items to your list by just clicking the "Tick" icon and add it to favorites by clicking "Heart" icon.
After done adding the items to your shopping list you will start getting tips about the items(see the screenshot below), you can see the price of the items, share, sort etc.
This is a very useful app for people who often go for shopping.
Get the app from store for free here or scan the QR code below.
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Friday, 13 March 2015

Microsoft is working on "Project Einstein" - An advanced version of Cortana

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Eric Horvitz, managing director of Microsoft Research has revealed that Microsoft is working on an advanced version of Cortana which is also called Project ‘Einstein’.
He stated - “This kind of technology, which can read and understand email, will play a central role in the next roll out of Cortana.”

He also confirmed that it will be releasing in the fall time frame.
The key to Cortana’s success will be knowing where a user is, what time it is, and what they are trying to do. Albert Einstein’s work on the relationship between space and time gave rise to Microsoft’s secret project name, said Horvitz.
“Einstein was brilliant about space and time,” he said. “It’s using brilliance about space and time generally in our agents.

According to recent reports Microsoft also confirmed that Cortana is coming to iOS and Android as an app.

Do you guys think this is a smart move by Microsoft to bring Cortana to other platforms???
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