Thursday, 30 April 2015

Most awaited Build 2015

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In case u people have missed the most awaited Build 2015, we are covering the live coverage of the build , which you can too at Build 2015 .Till now Microsoft has announced some of the biggest gadgets and applications related to cloud computing and applications. Below are the key points of the announcements.

The all new Microsoft Edge

Remember the project Spartan for windows 10? Microsoft has officially announced the name of the browser as Microsoft Edge, and as the sources suggested, it is going to be the all in one web browser with integrated Cortana.

The Visual Studio
The powerful application software Microsoft Visual Studio (now 2015), has received many upgrades and got hints for all- Starters to professionals. Microsoft wants to rebuild the .Net future by helping the people with code work.

Windows Phone Store

Windows phone will support android and iOS applications. which is going to be a great news for the developers. In upcoming years, windows is expecting 1 billion users.

Windows 10

Windows 10 as expectations will be the most powerful operating system till the date. It will be the first operating system developed with  the suggestions of users and developers all around the world. It will bring the pack of features of previous windows 7 and 8.1 like translucent background and much more.

Microsoft Hololens

Not merely a machine, it is the most powerful Holographic Processing Unit, which will be a revolution in the digital world.It is packed with sensors , audio - video integrations and projections.

We will be updating the coverage as we experience it . till then , keep in touch .
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