Monday, 31 March 2014

Rumour: The Nokia Lumia 930 may not make it to BUILD & Some good news too

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There have been rumours that the Nokia Lumia 630 and Nokia Lumia 930 will be launched at BUILD 2014, in less than 3 days. Readers may have notices while the Nokia Lumia 630 has been widely leaked, including actual videos of the handset in action, the Nokia Lumia 930 remains a mere rumour. Now, according to the trusted sources of, the explanation is pretty simple – the handset will not be ready in time for BUILD 2014.
They do however also have some good news to report.  Their sources claim the Developer Preview will hit handsets very soon, on the 8th April, and that the OS update will start rolling out to current Windows Phone 8 handsets in early May.
There have been rumours that Windows Phone 8.1 has been delayed, but more recent news has suggested the OS is already in the handsets of OEMs. Hopefully we will not have to wait too long for a new high end Windows Phone 8.1 handset.
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WP8.1 may require higher Class SDCard & some bad news for budget Lumia owners

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As we are closing to the Build 2014 where Microsoft is rumored to announce the first major update for Windows Phone 8 devices. The new update will bring lots of new features including the capability to install apps to MicroSD Card. Of Course developers will have a option, whether to allow the installation of apps on SD Card or not.
Today, NPU reported that this feature will require some special requirements. According to them a minimum of Class 6 SDHC card is required, with Class 10 recommended. Class 4 and below will not be supported, with the OS automatically detecting the speed on insertion. If the card is too slow users will not be offered to move apps from the phone to the card. The requirement should also help users avoid performance issues when saving video to external cards, which can be stuttery when bitrates are high.
They also confirmed that three-column live tile support will be available for phones having the physical screen bigger or equal to 4.5 inches. That means budget friendly Lumia devices like the Lumia 520,620 and 720 will not have this feature.
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Sunday, 30 March 2014

First Hands On with Boxcryptor for Windows Phone

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If you remember, few days ago we reported that Boxcryptor is searching for Beta Testers to try the app for Windows Phone. The app is currently in private beta so you can't get it from the store directly. I got that app from Boxcryptor and after using it, I want to share my first impression for the beta app.
Not familiar with Boxcryptor? Actually, Boxcryptor is a software optimized for cloud based services. It provides extra protection to your files stored on the cloud storage. It supports almost all the cloud service providers such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. With Boxcryptor your files go protected to your cloud provider and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your information cannot fall into the wrong hands. To protect your files, Boxcryptor uses the AES-256 and RSA encryption algorithms.
The layout is simple. You need to sign in or create account for the first time. After login, you need to select services. Here, I encountered a problem. In the Beta app we can only sign in to one service at a time. I hope the public version sorts out this and we can sign in into more than one service at a time. But rest is just like a normal cloud storage app. We get options to browse our folders and files. We can create a new folder, upload files and sort them. One thing to note is, though it is still in beta and in the initial stage but I didn't faced any bug or any crash. The app works very smoothly and is well integrated. Again there is no option available to remove the cloud storage. You have to uninstall and install it again to do so. You can check the screenshots of the app below.

So, this was the first look at the beta app. I am testing it more, so if you have any particular question then mention them in the comments section. I will try to reply them. If you want to join the beta app, then you can Sign In Here. We will be keeping a close eye on this app and let you know new improvements. Till then, stay tuned.

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Saturday, 29 March 2014

AdDuplex transforming into a proper advertising network

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On their blog AdDuplex has announced their plan to turn into a proper advertising marketplace where developers can be matched up with advertisers, a bit like BuySellAds does for blog owners.
A developer you will be able to apply to AdDuplex Direct and have a listing for their app in the AdDuplex Direct Catalogue. An advertiser you will be able to browse the catalogue, select the apps they like and initiate advertising deals. When both parties agree on the scope of the deal the advertising campaign starts and when it’s over the developer gets paid.
AdDuplex would take care of the catalogue, ad serving, and money handling, and will take an 18% commission on the sale.
All Windows Phone 8 apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2 are able to apply, though initially not all apps will be included in the trial and only incorporated developers and not individuals will be accepted.  Apps will also need to serve at least 10,000 impressions per day.  If not enough ad inventory is available the ad space will default either back to the normal cross-promotional role or become hidden.
The feature will launch on Q2 2014.
Developers meeting the criteria can apply here.
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Windows Phone 8.1 demoed on Lumia 630(Videos)

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With Windows Phone 8.1 just days away from being announced, the floodgates are starting to open for leaks about Microsoft’s new major OS update. This morning, Chinese site have managed to get their hands on a Nokia Lumia 630 and posted the above video showing off the OS.

The video shows:

  • Virtual navigation keys.
  • Action center
  • New Podcast app
  • New FM Radio app, pulled out of Music hub
  • Video and Music Xbox apps separated into two apps
  • New Store layout, as we recently reported
  • IE changes, including new Tab section, private tabs
  • IE tabs are displayed in multitask view
  • Pull down to close apps in multitask
  • New stock Photos app, with sections All, Albums, Favorites now on separate panels
  • New stock camera layout
  • Apps that are installed on the device: Storage Sense, Battery Sense, Data Sense have posted another video from their captured Nokia Lumia 630.

This video shows the process of Start Screen customization, in particular background images.

The video shows that users will be able to crop pictures from their own library, meaning they will not be stuck will a small collection of pre-selected images, which can of course be both a good and a bad thing.
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Friday, 28 March 2014

Nokia launches official app for Earth Hour 2014

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To celebrate the eight glorious years of Earth Hour and endorsing use of renewable energy, WWF India ( and Nokia joined hands to develop an official app for Earth Hour 2014.
As part of the annual Earth Hour, people across the world switch off the lights for one hour in celebration of the world’s largest voluntary environmental action. Earth Hour this year will be celebrated by hundreds of millions of people in 7001 cities and towns across 152 countries.

Developed by Shubhan Chemburkar, the WWF Renewables Market app facilitates an interface for individuals and retailers of renewable energy solutions, making the process of switching to renewable energy smoother. This app intends to build consumer knowledge and generate interest on the subject. While the content is globally relevant, the vendor lists links to Government of India’s directories.
Download the WWF Renewables Market app for free from the Windows Phone Store. The app does well to extend the message of Earth Hour from not just switching off for the hour but to also make a switch to renewable energy. The interactive app promotes uptake of renewable energy by providing important information and bringing together potential users and service providers.
Via: WPCentral
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Forget Lumia Blue, Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink will be the next update

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As 2nd April is getting closer, we are seeing new leaks. Yesterday, we informed you about a new handset for Nokia codenamed "Monarch". Today, a new leak from China reveals a new name for Windows Phone 8.1. The handset seems to be Lumia 630 in China, indicating that the next version may be called Lumia Cherry Blossom Pink.
The screen shots are in Chinese, so it is difficult to see what’s new and different. We are try to translate them.
They do however give a good look at the start screen backgrounds, and truth be told they do not look too bad, depending on the background picture.
Check the pics posted by Sina after the break.

Can any of our Chinese readers translate them for us? Do let us know in the comments.

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Subway Surfers updated for Windows Phone devices

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As a part of 4 weeks world tour, Subway Surfers has been updated today. The game heads to Mexico in the latest update. Presented by Kiloo games, this is one of the best game available on the Windows Phone store. The latest update adds many new things to the game, but sadly no 512 MB RAM support again(I just checked on my Lumia 520). Sorry for it. If you are a 512 MB RAM user, then you can quit the article but for the rest, head below for the change log and download links.

New in v1.21.0.0:

  • - Join the Subway Surfers World Tour in Mexico City!
  • - Grind trains with your cool crew! 
  • - Colorful and vivid HD graphics! 
  • - Hoverboard Surfing! 
  • - Paint powered jetpack! 
  • - Lightning fast swipe acrobatics! 
  • - Challenge and help your friends!
You can download the game from Windows Phone Store.
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HTC rumored to be working on the Windows version of M8

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It looks like HTC has not left Windows Phone OS completely. The latest rumor suggests that  HTC has plans of launching the Windows version of its flagship device, HTC M8. Even HTC  didn’t release any new device in recent past, they maintained the status that they are still part of Windows Phone platform. According to WPDang reported that HTC is working on a flagship Windows Phone device based on the HTC One M8 Android device. There is no word on the launch dates and pricing of the device.
Microsoft has been attempting to bring Android hardware vendors and Windows Phone closer together with a number of measures. We could see a HTC One-type product running Windows Phone and believe it would be welcomed by the community as a new breath of fresh air, especially with Windows Phone 8.1 loaded.
Just a recap, check the specs of HTC One M8 below:
  • 5.0 inches Full HD LCD3 Display, 1080x1920p Resolution
  • 2GB RAM 
  • 2.3GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 801 Processor
  • 128GB microSD Support
  • Android 4.4.2
  • Sense 6.0 UI
  • Weight 160 g
  • 2600 mAh Battery
  • All-metal Unibody
  • Duo Ultrapixel Camera
  • Built-in Amplifier Speakers
  • IR Blaster
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FIFA 14 lands on Windows Store, Free with Xbox LIVE support

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FIFA is one of the most successful franchise of EA Games. Back in February, it was announced for Windows Phone devices and was a blockbuster. Today, the game makes debut on the Windows Store for Windows 8 PCs and tablets.

The Xbox LIVE enabled game would satiate your craving for authentic soccer experience with real players, teams, and leagues along with new touch controls that deliver the feel of every pass, shot and tackle.
The game features 34 leagues, over 600 licensed teams, and more than 16,000 players. And while you play, you can listen to game commentary in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish. To build your ultimate fantasy team, you can earn and trade, or buy and sell FIFA players. You earn coins as you compete in tournaments which you can spend on new players and items to improve your team.

Apart from English, the game is available in 10 other languages - Chinese, German, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian, Korean, Dutch, and Portuguese. It’s almost 1 GB of download, so make sure you have enough space, especially if you are on a Windows 8 tablet.
Download FIFA 14 for free from the Windows Store, and let us know how you like it. I am downloading it on my Dell PC. I will spend my day on it. Time to kick off.
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@evleaks hints a new Nokia Device

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Extra-ordinate leaker, @evleaks doesn't need more than 140 characters to fill our nerves with adrenaline. In the latest tweet, he said about a device codenamed "Monarch", which will come for T-Mobile in US. It will be interesting to see if Nokia reveals it on Build 2014. We don't have any other details regarding the device. Also no pics has been posted by him. We will dig it out and get back to you all if we find anything on this.

Source: Twitter
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Angry Birds Go! get a new update

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Angry Birds Go! was released for Windows Phone back in December last year. This game has now been updated to v1.2.0 with a whole new Sub Zero episode. Angry Birds Go! is a Mario Kart-like racing game where you can play as all the characters from the Angry Birds series. Check the change log below.

New in this update:

  • Get ready for a change in the weather in the frosty new Sub Zero episode.
  • 8 new karts
  • Premium kart for each episode
  • New rewards
Download it here from Windows Phone Store for free(1 GB RAM or more required).
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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Nokia Lumia 630 passes certification

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NPU reports that the Nokia Lumia 630 (Nokia RM-977 and RM-978) has received certification in both Indonesia and Thailand.

In Indonesia the Dual-SIM handset has been certified only, while in Thailand both the Single SIM and Dual-SIM handset have been authorised.

The handset is expected to be officially announced at BUILD 2014 and will be one of the first Windows Phone 8.1 handsets released, and the first Windows Phone with dual-SIM support.

See the certifications after the break.



Source: NPU, Via: wmpoweruser

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Boxcryptor coming to Windows Phone

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We all use cloud storage in one or other way. As a Windows Phone users, we generally rely on OneDrive for all the Data Synchronization and Backup. Other popular cloud storage services include Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Mega and others. How secure are they though? Boxcryptor is company focused on protecting your data that you upload to other cloud storage services. And they have an app for Windows Phone being developed.
Boxcryptor ( works with many major cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, Box and others. If you want to store sensitive information into these services you might be interested in trying out Boxcryptor. Apps are available for Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android and iOS. Apps are coming soon to Windows Phone, Windows 8, and BlackBerry.
The app will include the following features:

  • Supports most cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. See below for a complete list of supported providers.
  • Access your encrypted files (documents, photos, music, etc.) in your cloud anytime and have your sensitive files always with you.
  • Encryption and decryption is done directly on your device - your password is never transmitted.
  • Secure file encryption using the AES-256 standard.
  • Boxcryptor Unlimited users can also use filename encryption.
Are you interested in Boxcryptor? Well, the app may take time to hit the Windows Phone Store, but the company is taking signup for the private Beta. You can head to the website and Signup for the Beta App

Screenshot: WPCentral

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Covy Rush goes Free for 3 days

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Covy Rush is an action game made by the start-up Loon Apps. Covy Rush is a fun run & jump game with nice graphics and original gameplay. In addition, Covy rush has a world wide ranking.

In Covy Rush, you help Covy (the little white rabbit) to avoid angry blocks and to catch all the carrots. To play, drag the stick with your finger to adjust angle of jump, then release it to jump.

To play, download Covy Rush from the Windows Phone Store. Covy Rush is Free for 3 days and without advertising.
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Angry Birds Rio now free in the Windows Phone Store

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Angry Birds Rio, normally $0.99, is now free in the Windows Phone Store.

The app places the eponymous Angry Birds in Rio, after they were kidnapped and shipped there. After their escape their mission is to save their friends Blu and Jewel.

Angry Birds Rio features:

  • Seven fantastic episodes with 210 exciting levels, plus over 40 exciting bonus levels!
  • Completely new achievements!
  • Special Hidden fruits – discover them all!
  • Put your Angry Birds skills to the ultimate test in spectacular boss fights!
The app is available at the links for Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8.
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No Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview at Build 2014

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Bad news for those who are expecting to load up Windows Phone 8.1 on the 2nd April.

According to WPCentral head honco Daniel Rubino the Windows Phone Developer Program for Windows Phone 8.1 has been delayed, and probably wont happen at BUILD.

Of course another way of looking at it that Daniel has just confirmed that there will be a Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Program, and that it will still be coming very soon, if not quite at BUILD.

The Windows Phone Developer Program is designed to give developers early  access to new builds of Windows Phone, but can be easily accessed by regular folk by simply registering at the Windows Phone App Studio. It has last year given Windows Phone enthusiasts earlier access to Windows Phone 8 GDR3 3-4 months before it rolled out to the rest of the world.

Are our readers seeing the cloud or the silver lining? Let us know below.

Source: Twitter
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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

App Update roundup: SysApp Pusher, PDF Reader and more

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We are greeted today with plenty of app updates. The list is long, so get yourself some beverages(hot or cold) and head below for the list with change log.

SysApp Pusher:

SysApp Pusher is an amazing and handy app to check updates of different apps. As Windows Phone Store is slow in showing updates and Windows Phone OS restricts 3rd party apps to check for updates, SysApp Pusher helps you to get updates as soon as they are published on store. The latest update is not a big one. It just adds new apps to the list. Check the change log below.

New in this update:

  •  Blink, Network Speed Test added.
You can grab it from Here


Lockmix helps user to customize their lockscreen with different widgets. This is one of the best app available on the store. This app is free with in app-purchases. Today's update is just a minor one just adding new language support. Check the change log below.

New in this update:

  • Added Finnish and Spanish translation

PDF Reader:

PDF Reader is a handy 3rd party app. The last update was a major one and in case you missed it, find change log of previous update below. This update is minor addressing bug fixes. Find the last change log below.

Last update change log:

• Search for text
• Pin documents to start screen
• Read password protected pdf files
• Send by email or Bluetooth
• Open files from SD card
• Share files via Skydrive
• Invert document's colors
• Integrate with SkyDrive for fast and easy access to your clouded files
• Really quickly opens PDF, XPS and CBZ files
• Easily zoom in text or images for closer comfortable view
• Open files received as email attachments, downloaded from internet or open them from Office hub
• Navigate via file's content
• Jump to desired pages

Grab PDF Reader from Here

After these apps we also have some apps which received updates. Check them below.
  • WhatsApp Beta
  • Device Shot
  • Flipkart eBooks
  • LiveZen
  • Facebook Beta
  • Purple Cherry X
  • Status Tiles
  • MYWorld
  • Nextgen Reader

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Magnify BETA gets a major update

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My day was started by an E-Mail from the developer of Magnify BETA acknowledging the new update is now live on store. I was testing the private beta from last few days. Today, the update went live on the store. Magnify BETA was out of news for some time and last time we posted about it in January when it got a update. Today's update is rather a massive one, as it improved many things and added new features in the app. The app has become more smooth and work more efficiently. 
For those who are not familiar with this app, Magnify BETA is a beautiful and elegant RSS Feeds reader. It packs some of the very beautiful features. Designed on the metro live tiles format, it gives the same user experience as we get on our start screen. The app is highly recommended for all the users and the best part of the app is, that it is free of cost with no ads. The app is currently in BETA state so you may find some bugs(I never found any bugs, though I use it daily). The app is today bumped to v3.0.7.0. Check the full change log after the break.

New in this update:

  • Added ability to fetch full articles.
  • Reduced duration needed to update feeds.
  • Unread count for Live Tiles can be turned off.
  • Changed color of hyperlinks for better readability in dark theme.
  • Changed background color of unloaded images for dark theme.
  • Added ability to save article images to phone.
  • Added ability to hide articles marked as read under settings.
  • Added Help, About and What's New pages in settings.
  • Added ability to stop auto-scrolling in parallax scrolling by touching anywhere on the screen.
  • Diacritic characters show up properly.
  • Manual app reset removes all the previously pinned Live Tiles.
The app is free with no ads. You can grab the new update from Windows Phone Store Here.
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Monday, 24 March 2014

WhatsApp Beta gets another update with new UI tweaks

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Yesterday we reported about a new feature found in WhatsApp Beta which showed the video download progress bar. Yesterday, WhatsApp rolled out a new update for Beta testers. We have seen many UI improvements in this update. You can check the screenshot of the changes below and head past that for the details of the new improvements.

WhatsApp has continued to tweak the user interface of the app, with the unread message indicators now improved. More interesting however are new icons in the Profiles section of the app, which currently when tapped takes you directly to the chat pane, but, given hints in translation files about voice calls, may also soon allow users to make VOIP calls to other WhatsApp users. 
As usual, we continue to wait for WhatsApp to push the latest beta changes to regular users, in what, much like Windows Phone 8.1, promises to be a rather large update.
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Download Paid apps for free from Windows Phone store

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A new app has just made its way to the Windows Phone Store. With Free Market you can download paid apps for free without paying a cent! Developers when submit their apps to the Store, can choose one price for all countries or different prices for different countries with their own reasons. There are about 200 supported countries and there is a chance an app be free in one of these countries.
With Free Market, you can select a paid app and it will search among all available markets to find a free version in a country. Then you can easily change region of your phone to that country in settings and download the paid app for free!

Note: some developers don’t provide a free version in any country, but you still can find free versions of some other valuable apps.

App itself is completely free! without any ads!. Give it a try.

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

WhatsApp Beta gets another feature

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It was Sunday morning when one of my friend sent me a video on WhatsApp. While downloading it on my Lumia device I spotted another feature available in WhatsApp Beta. You can check the image pictured on the right side.
New in version 2.11.406 of WhatsApp beta is now a progress bar which allows you to see how rapidly a video is downloading to your handset.
The progress bar unfortunately does not herald the arrival of larger videos on WhatsApp, as video size is still limited to 16 MB.
Other recent features include chat backgrounds, custom notification sounds, broadcast list management, privacy controls, settings backup and a lot more.
Users of the official WhatsApp app for Windows Phone remain eager to have all these new features pushed out to their handsets, and the information still remains that this is imminent.
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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Nokia release Pocket Magnifier app

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Nokia has released an app for Windows Phone which can be used to help those with fading eyes to read better.
Nokia Pocket Magnifier lets you use your mobile phone as a magnifying glass. The app can be used to magnify text as much as 4 times, and also apply a number of filters and even activate the flashlight to improve readability.
The app was developed in collaboration with Royal National Institute of Blind people (RNIB) and is exclusive to Nokia’s Windows phones.

Download the app from the Windows Phone Store here.
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New image of the Samsung ATIV SE leaked

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Last Sunday we were treated to a render of Samsung’s upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 device. It’s called the ATIV SE, but was previously known as the both the Samsung Huron and SM-W750V. Specs are still scarce on the ATIV SE. Though we do have a new look at it today thanks to Twitter leaker evleaks.
This is a darker shade compared to the ATIV SE we saw earlier this week. You can compare the two below.

Now comes the worrying part. It misses a dedicated camera button. The Windows Phone camera button is somewhat iconic of the operating system, allowing users to completely bypass the lock screen to take a picture, all without fumbling with the touch screen. The button is also somewhat special, requiring a two stage design – a half press for focussing and a full press to take a picture.
You’ll have to let us know which you prefer. The lighter shade on the left or the darker one on the right. Or would your rather skip this Samsung device altogether and wait for something from Nokia. The ATIV SE is expected to hit Verizon, though you probably could have guessed that with the giant Verizon logo on the device.

Via: WPCentral
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App Update Roundup: Nokia apps and many more

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It has been a busy day for Nokia, as they are pushing updates for their apps on the Windows Store. Nokia Chat, Storyteller and a couple of more apps get new updates. After Microsoft, now Nokia also hints the release of Windows Phone 8.1 in coming weeks. After Nokia some more developers have pushed new updates for their apps. So, now let's talk about what is new in the latest updates.

Nokia Storyteller Beta:

Announced back in Nokia World, Storyteller is an awesome app to organize your photos according to date and location of the photos.  The app sorts your photos based off of information within them, including geolocation, time, date and more. You can then add ‘stories’ to your photos and get a bird’s eye view of your memories. No word on what’s new with today’s app, so we’ll leave it to those who use it every day to chime in if they find anything.

Grab Storyteller Beta here in the Collection 

Nokia Chat Beta:

Next in the line of Nokia update comes the Nokia Chat Beta app. Based off of Yahoo! Messenger, Nokia’s Chat Beta app is not quite as popular or useful as WhatsApp, but for those who use it, it’s fairly solid and clean in design. Today, version 1.5.8 went live in the Store. Unfortunately, there’s no changelog, so we’re guessing some bug fixes and optimizations, possibly for 8.1 in a few weeks.

Download Chat Beta here in the Nokia Collection.

Nokia Glance:

Now comes the favorite of all. The app which grabbed the attention of almost every blogger. Wait for a minute, we will also explain the reason for this attention on the app. Everyone’s favorite feature on their Lumia (except Lumia Icon owners or those with a Lumia 520) gets updated today. Glance version is now live in the Store. Now, stop guessing. The reason for attention was that the change log of the app mentioned, "Support for Windows Phone 8.1"(Yes you are reading right). After Microsoft, Nokia is hinting the revealing of Windows Phone 8.1 in coming weeks and also it might bring something new to the Glance app. Sorry Lumia 520 and Lumia Icon users, still no glance support.

After Nokia, we also have a couple of apps pushing out new updates for the users. Check the list below.

Instagram Beta:

One of the biggest, rather the biggest photo sharing website, Instagram has released another update for Windows Phone users. The new update addresses some more crashes and bug fixes but Unfortunately it still does not bring the much desired video features many are waiting for, but I suspect we will need some API changes in Windows Phone before this will become available.

For now grab the app from  Windows Phone Store here.


The popular cross-platform photo photo sharing app ‘Molome‘ for Windows Phone finally moves out of beta with latest release 4.0.2. The update brings couple of  improvements and fixes to the app, check out the changelog after break.

New in this update:

  • Say goodbye to Beta
  • Enlarge photo to fit the screen and remove the border for better user experience
  • New icon to fit the Windows Phone best
  • Mission type added: Follow Instagram
  • Fix sticker bug on Windows Phone 7

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Friday, 21 March 2014

Facebook updated with new features

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Microsoft has just pushed an update for official Facebook app adding a couple of new features. Those who are using Facebook Beta, there is nothing new for you. This store listing does not include any change log for the update but it has some noticeable changes. Check the change log below.

New in  v5.2.4:

  • Custom Notification sounds.
The updated app can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.
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App Update Roundup: Blink, Nokia MixRadio and more

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Before the start another weekend, we have got a handful of apps pushing out another update. In case if you missed it, we have a list below with the change log, so head below and check the full list.


When it comes to web browsers, we don't have many alternatives for Windows Phone 8 devices. Surfy is one of the popular web browser for Windows Phone 8. This browser supports many amazing features for the users. The new update brings new languages and more. Head below for the full details.

New in this version:
  • Download Manager allowing users to transfer files over Wi-Fi or a USB connection,
  • Download and save YouTube videos, and export audio files to the Media Library.
  • Integration with Data Sense capability to warn users if they are over their data limit or when roaming.
  • Configurable search provider that supports Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo! or Google.
  • Cookies can be cleared along with the internet cache when deleting history
  • Performance improvements
  • New language support: English: Italian, Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch, Czech, and Turkish.
The app costs $1.49 but a free version is also available with some limitations. Check the download links below.

Booklet Beta:

While Facebook hasn't launched Paper on Windows Phone devices, we have third-party app for it. Booklet is an unofficial app for Windows Phone that lets you browse Facebook in a unique way. Check the changelog below.

New in this version:
  • Fixed notifications count inconsistencies
  • Fixed freeze when stopping scroll at "people you might know"
  • New notifications center (Facebook, messages and Social Scout notifications)
  • Fixed posting issues
  • Added option to separate notifications from messages
  • Other fixes
You can get Booklet Here for free.


Blink is a rapid fire camera app for Windows Phone devices. Developed by Microsoft, Blink captures a burst of images before you even press the shutter, and continues to capture pictures after you’ve taken your shot. You can save and share the shot you like best or even save a short animated Blink and share it to Facebook, Twitter, or The app got a major re-design today. Check it below.

New in this version:
  • - Fresh new look: New branding and refreshed UI elements throughout the app.
  • - Dual Modes: Switch easily between two modes - Blink mode to edit and share your animations, and still mode to save and share the perfect shot.
  • - Focus Lock: Tap on the screen to lock focus in that the region. That region will always remain in focus even across phone movements. Tap again to unlock.
  • - Improved stabilization: Even better video stabilization so that your Blinks play without any camera shake or jitter.
  • - Live Tile: Pin Blink to the start screen and see your perfect shots on the live Tile. (Note: might require a phone reboot or a unpin/re-pin for live tile to start showing.)
  • - My Blinks: A new gallery view in the Blink roll to quickly jump among captured Blinks.
  • - Tutorial: An interactive tutorial is included to quickly get you going.
  • - Orientation lock: Bug fix to orient Blinks correctly on sharing, under orientation lock.
Pick up Blink for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store.

Nokia MixRadio:

Nokia MixRadio for Windows Phone devices today got updated to v4.3.0.387 in Windows Phone Store. This update includes improvements to offline mixes experiences like allowing you to play mixes as they are getting downloaded, improved navigation that allows you to jump to player and homepage from any page of the app.

New in this version:
  • Improvements to offline mixes: time remaining before expiry is shown, mixes become playable before they have completely downloaded, mixes remain playable while being refreshed.
  • Navigate Home from any page in the app.
  • Navigate to the Player from any page in the app.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
Download the update here from Windows Phone Store for free from your Lumia device.

After these major update, we also have some apps with minor updates. Check them below.
  • Adobe Reader
  • PicHit.Me
  • Wordament
  • Angry Gran Run
  • HERE Drive+
  • myAirtel
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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Microsoft hints Windows Phone 8.1 on their website

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In about two weeks from today Microsoft is expected to reveal Windows Phone 8.1, which will be the first major update to all the existing Windows Phone 8 devices. We have already seen most of the features from the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK. We have also posted some screenshot revealing the same.
It looks like Microsoft is testing Windows Phone 8.1 on their own website( The website has a new Windows Phone 8.1 category near the top. Of course, when you click it you will get an error about the page not being found, so don’t look for any new scoops there.

While this is hardly breaking news, for you Windows Phone fans, this will be that little bit to hold you over until April 2. We’re expecting the Developer Preview to be announced that day too, meaning if you want the beta build of the OS, you can get it that day (later in early summer, we’re expecting the official update with accompanying firmware to be rolled out).
You can see the whole list of confirmed features Here.
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BitTorrent Sync coming soon to Windows Phone

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Are you a big torrent fan? We have a good new for you. BitTorrent Sync is coming soon to Windows Phone. The app was discovered in the Windows Phone Store and appears to be undergoing a private beta at the moment. Ready to access your files from anywhere on the planet for free? How about sharing files with a free and not having to worry about upload limits on the size of the file? You can do all of that with BitTorrent Sync.
What is BitTorrent Sync ( Think of it as cloud storage like OneDrive or Dropbox. The difference is that your files never end up on servers owned by companies like Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Box and others. Instead your files are only ever on your machine. It’s basically a private cloud that you control. Remember Live Mesh? Like that. The Windows Phone app is currently in a beta. No, there is no public sign up. The app appears to have started a beta test sometime in mid-December. That’s at least when the official BitTorrent Sync twitter account started looking for beta testers.
Check the images below posted by WPCentral.

Here’s what you can look forward to when the app goes public.

  • Access all your Sync folders and files from your Windows Phone device.
  • Add photos from your Windows Phone device to any of your Sync folders.
  • Automatically back up your Camera Roll to a folder on your computer.
  • File transfers are encrypted and protected by secure keys.
  • Your information is never stored on a server in the cloud.
  • Connecting the Sync application to other Sync folders is as easy as taking a picture of a QR code with your camera.

You can find the app in the Windows Phone Store(But you can't download it).

Source: WPCentral
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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Nokia Lumia 920 melted down: Windows Phone Disaster

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We have known Nokia as an Indestructible brand, whether it is small and big drops or getting hit by something, it has always tackled it well. The latest chapter in Windows Phone stories comes from Windows Phone Central member abel920 who connected his loyal Nokia Lumia 920 to the micro USB charger before going to bed. A few hours later he woke up and the whole room smelt like burning wires. He thought someone was toasting a bread or something downstairs at the kitchen. So he ignored it, and then rolled on to other side and screamed when he felt something burned his hand. It was the phone. The charging port had burned and melted. The phone was out of warranty. He also said that he had opened the phone to change the shell and the pics posted by him suggests that the charger might be an unofficial one and not the Nokia's original charger. Whatever might be the reason, we recommend all our readers that use only Nokia's original accessories, do not open the device and don't over charge the device. This is especially for the Nokia Lumia 920 users as because of the build in Qi Wireless Charging the device produces more heat. Now this has raised a new topic for discussion, i.e "Is Qi Charging a safe technology?"
While this Lumia 920 has seen better days, it makes us wonder, what other Windows Phone horror stories are out there. In addition, if your Nokia Lumia has crashed and burned, how responsive has Nokia’s Care Centers been? The few times we have used them, you couldn’t ask for a better response.
Feel free to share your views in the comments and check the images after a break.

Source: WPC Forums
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App Update Roundup

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I think this is the first time I have to write about so many app updates in one day. I have already written a big list of app updates this morning and again I have got a list of apps getting updates. Head below to see the list.

Fresh Paint:

Microsoft has updated their FreshPaint app for Windows Phone devices in Store. The new updated v2.0.4057.1. The last update was a major one and it had brought some new changes but this update has no changelog mentioned. If you guys find any new features then let us know in the comments.


In last update the popular dating app gained better people search filters, graphic improvements and couple of bug fixes. This update brought some performance improvements and some UI tweaks.

 New in this update:

  • New user profile design
  • Performance improvements
  • Graphic improvements
  • Bug fixes

Device Shot:

Released couple of weeks ago, this is probably the first app that adds so much to your screenshot. It has already picked up a couple of updates. Today's update is rather a minor one and no changelog has been posted by the developer.

Below is the list of some more apps getting minor updates today.
  • MeTweets
  • Soundtracker
  • Nokia Share
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Microsoft Stock At 14-Year High, Thanks To Office For iPad Related News

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Microsoft’s stock reached its highest price of $39.90 per share since 2000 yesterday. Thanks to the news regarding Office for iPad release. Office for the iPad has been rumored for many years now, but it appears Microsoft is finally ready to unveil the product later this month.  According to reports, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will himself demo the product marking his first major public appearance since becoming CEO. Yesterday, Microsoft sent out press invites for an event in San Fransisco on March 27th and Microsoft is expected to unveil Office for iPad on that day.

It seems investors are too excited about this news that Microsoft is releasing Office for iPad. Office is already generating significant revenue for Microsoft and investors hope that releasing Office on new platforms should further increase Microsoft’s revenue.

Rick Sherlund of Nomura Equity Research has a “Buy” rating on MSFT stock and has set a price target of $45 for the tech giant.

“We expect new CEO Satya Nadella to introduce this as a directional step in repositioning Microsoft to a mobile first/cloud first company,” Sherlund told investors.

“We would expect Microsoft to announce that users of Office 365 [the subscription-based service] can access the touch first versions of Office [iPad, Windows 8.1 devices, and Android tablets] as an additional platform service for no additional charge,” Sherlund continued."

Source: Microsoft News
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App Update Roundup

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It is Wednesday morning and we have a list of apps getting new updates. Many of us are enjoying festivals in last two days, but developers are busy pushing new updates of the apps. Today we'll be looking at a number of apps, which have been bumped to new versions to include new functionality and bug fixes. Grab a hot (or cold) beverage, get comfortable and join us past the break for the run through.


Developed by Rudy, this is the popular unofficial Snapchat app for Windows Phone. The latest version has added one of the most requested feature. Check the changelog after the break.

New in v2.9:

  • Prevent user from sending snaps to everybody
  • Screenshot support
To take a screenshot in the latest version of 6snap you have to press the camera button when viewing a snap. The good thing is that the sender will be notified that you took a screenshot.

Instagram Beta:

The beta version of popular Instagram app was launched for Windows Phone back in late November. Since then it picked up a number of updates to bringin new features and fixes. Today we’re looking at version 0.4.1 in the Windows Phone Store which finally adds Lock screen support to the popular photo sharing app.

What’s New:

You can now select home feed or my feed to populate in your lockscreen. The home feed will show the newer photos from everyone you follow on Instagram. While my feed will focus on your own photos.

Maxthon Browser:

There are a few alternative web browsers available for Windows Phone and Maxthon is a popular solution. We've previously looked at the Maxthon Browser and how it provides a speedy experience. The developers have released version, which includes the following additions:

  • Adjust your Quick Access tiles and move them around to access your favorite websites in just one click
  • Re-load a web page as often as needed with a new refresh/stop function
  • Open pages in new tabs when typing url


Using social networks like Twitter or Instagram, you may wish to be alerted to folk who severe their connection with you by hitting the "unfollow" button. Luckily, UnfollowSpy is here to help you stalk your stalkers and know who has decided to stop receiving your content. 

Here is what's new in version 2.1.1:

  • Splash screen added
  • Redesigned settings page
  • "Refresh mode" setting added
  • Bug fixes


The Windows Phone developer community produce excellent third-party apps for services that haven't quite got their act together when it comes to platform support. 2flicka is an unofficial client for Flickr, which has been bumped numerous times to include new functionality.

Version 1.7 for 2flicka is a rather minor update, bringing the following changes to Windows Phone:

  • Unified UX to be more consistent throughout the app
  • Improved hi-res photo viewer

This was the list of apps receiving big updates. We have a list of apps getting minor bug fixes also. Head below to check that list too.
  • didlr
  • Subway Surfers(Still no 512 MB support)
  • myAppFree
  • Nokia Treasure Tag
  • Nokia Audio
  • UC Browser
  • Permia Duels
  • MetroMail
  • Disqus

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tutorial: How to set Black accent colour on Lumia Devices

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We all love to customize our smartphones and when it comes to Lumia we can choose between many of the different colors but no black. WPCentral found a trick to do so but you need to sacrifice a few things. Firstly, you will not able to set custom images or use apps as background on lockscreen. It will be either Black or White depending on the background color you have chosen. We recommend using white background. So if you are interested in doing so then head past below and follow the steps blindly.

  1. (Do this step if you have black background selected, else skip this) Go to Settings>Themes and select white background color.
  2. Now, head below to Ease of Access in the settings menu.
  3. Here you will find High contrast. Now, turn it ON.

You will now see black background everywhere. This is a hidden setting in Windows Phone but you need to sacrifice your lockscreen images or apps for this. It disables lockscreen. You will see either white or black on lockscreen. But it is worth giving a try. Let us know if you are going to try it.

Source: WPCentral
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@evleaks hints a new Lumia device

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Trusted smartphone leaker, @evleaks is back again with another leak. According to a recent tweet by him, Nokia Rock is the codename of the new device which is supposed to be Nokia Lumia 530, an addition to the Lumia 5xx series. He didn't leaked any specs or any other details. We will dig into it and get back if we find any details regarding the device. For now we can expect it to be a budget device like Lumia 520 and Lumia 525, but it may come with Windows Phone 8.1. We are not sure about all this but we will hit back soon if we find anything.
For now let us know your views in the comments section.
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Monday, 17 March 2014

Tutorial: How to store Maps on SDCard

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Many of you have a habit of storing Maps on SDCard as Nokia's Here Drive support offline navigation without the need of an active internet connection. But if you install many apps then downloading new maps can be a headache because by default maps are stored on Phone storage. We found out a way of storing maps to SDCard. For many of the readers this can be the oldest trick in the books but it may help others. Remember this will not move your old maps to the SDCard. You have to delete the old maps and download new ones on the SDCard. Head past below for the quick tutorial on how to store maps.
  1. First you need to download a app called Lumia Storage Check Beta. You can download it from Here. You can also get it via SysApp Pusher(In the beta apps section). Remember that it is a hidden beta so you can't find it straight on the Windows Phone Store.
  2. Now after installing the app open it. You will see the similar interface as we find on Storage Check in the system apps.
  3. Slide once. Now go to Maps(Tap Change)> Store Maps On> Select SDCard.
Waaooh!!! You are done. Now new maps will be stored on the SDCard. Remember you can't move the maps. You need to delete the old maps and download them again. This tutorial will only work on devices with Micro SD support.
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