Saturday, 30 November 2013

Nextgen Reader updated to v5.32.0

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One of our favorite RSS readers app Nextgen Reader for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones is updated to v5.32.0. The latest version brings improvements and fixes to app.
Nextgen Reader features clean & simple design, uses readability for viewing of articles, allows offline support, themes, and tons of custom options.

What’s New in v5.32.0:
  • Updated login and share screen.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Why is Nokia's Lumia 520 Still A Great Buy?

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Nokia announced the Lumia 525 earlier this week, which is the successor to the best-selling Lumia 520. Therefore, you might be inclined to write-off the Lumia 520 and wait for the Lumia 525 to become available to buy.

But we think you'd be wrong to dismiss the Lumia 520 so readily, and have picked out the main reasons why the Lumia 520 is still a great buy. Even after the unveiling of its successor.

One solitary difference

The Lumia 525 is almost an identical smartphone to its predecessor, with the only changes being that it comes pre-loaded with Windows Lumia Black, supports Bluetooth 4.0 and has twice as much RAM (512MB). 

But the Lumia 520 can be updated to Lumia Black which also enables Bluetooth 4.0 on the smartphone. Leaving the only difference being the two being that older smartphone has less RAM.

No Lumia 525 release date

We still don't have confirmation on when the Nokia Lumia 525 will be available. Nokia have revealed that the Windows smartphone will land in Singapore on December 14th.

Whereas, the Nokia Lumia 520 is widely available, so there is no risk that it won't arrive in time for Christmas.

Price difference

We still don't have confirmation of the price of the Lumia 525, but in Singapore it's priced at the equivalent of £122. However, we always have to pay that bit more so it's likely to retail somewhere around the £145 - which makes it significantly more expensive than the Lumia 520.

Currently, you can pickup the Lumia 520 on Three Pay As You Go for just £99.99. While, Amazon are also offering the SIM-free version of Nokia's mobile for just £99.99. At those prices you'd be very hard pressed to find a better smartphone.

It's still a great phone

The Nokia Lumia 520 isn't the best selling Lumia smartphone for no reason. It's 4 inch form-factor makes it comfortable to hold and extremely portable, it's got a vibrant and cheerful design and a decent mid-range specification. 
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Nokia Video Director released for Lumia WP8 smartphones

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Nokia has released the Nokia Video Director companion app for all NFC-equipped Lumia WP8 smartphones. The app lets you quickly capture and transfer videos and template projects to your new Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet.

  • Its an companion phone app helps you quickly capture and transfer videos to your Nokia tablet via NFC.
  • You can also transfer any projects you start on the phone app to your tablet.
  • The app will guide you through a variety of templates (Birthday, Holiday, News, etc.) and the transfer of those videos to your tablet.
  • You can than complete your video projects on your tablet.
  • Please note that this phone app is meant to be used in conjunction with your Nokia tablet running the full Nokia Video Director app.
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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Leaked new features coming to WhatsApp in next updates for WP8 users

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Just recently, version 2.11.312.0 of WhatsApp, a popular messaging app for Windows Phone 8, was rolled out to the masses. Now, in an internal Beta version of the app, the developers are working on a new feature that lets you clear all of your messages with a few taps.
Currently in private Beta, this new build of WhatsApp allows one to clear messages older than 30 days, or even 6 months. You can also be daring and clear all your messages. This new feature is slated for release in an upcoming update. Another leak shows that users will be able to save profile pic of any contact.

Thanks to Nawzil for the tip.
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Nokia Lumia 525 Goes Official – 4-inch display, dual-core processor and 1GB RAM

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The long rumored Nokia Lumia 525 aka Glee is now official. Today Nokia silently unveiled the Lumia 525, their new affordable Windows Phone 8 handset and the successor of wildly popular Lumia 520 that was launched earlier this year.

Here are some core specs of Lumia 525 :
  • Runs Windows Phone 8 OS with Lumia Black
  • 4-inch IPS LCD display (800 x 480) with super sensitive touch at 235 PPI
  • 1GHz Dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor (MSM8227) with Adreno 305 GPU
  • 1GB of RAM, 8GB internal memory, up to 64GB expandable memory with microSD
  • 3.5mm audio jack, FM Radio
  • 5 MP Auto Focus camera with 720p HD video recording
  • 3G, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS / aGPS
  • 1430 mAh battery with a standby time for 14 days
  • Data networks – WCDMA (900 MHz, 2100 MHz), GSM (850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz)
  • W- 124 grams
  • D- 119.9 mm x 64 mm x 9.9 mm
  • Changeable shells – yellow, white, orange, and black
The Nokia Lumia 525 will come in three colors- Orange, White and Yellow colors. Pricing and availability will be announced soon.
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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Windows Phone 8.1 release date, features, rumours and updates

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It seems Nokia and Microsoft are getting closer to getting Windows Phone 8.1 or also called Windows Phone Blue, ready for consumers. Why do you ask? Well, according to Nawzil on Twitter, he reports sighting a Windows Phone 8.10.1xxxx.x firmware running on the FB Pages Manager app.

Windows Phone 8.1 will be the next major OS update from Microsoft, it'll no doubt be looking to compete with Apple iOS 7 and Google's Android KitKat.

Windows Phone 8.1 will be the next major smartphone update from Microsoft, taking on the likes of Apple's iOS 7 and Google's Android KitKat operating system which many believe will be launched in the next few weeks.

Windows Phone 8.1 will have a release date of early 2014

If leaked images obtained from are anything to go but it looks like Windows Phone 8.1 will have a early 2014 release date with the images showing what appears to be an early build of the Windows Phone OS along with some documentation in the background revealing an expiry date for the prototype code.

Windows Phone 8.1 features might include Cortana personal assistant

Since it was leaked people have only really been talking about one Windows Phone 8.1 feature and that's Cortana, a reported personal assistant that will go far beyond what either Siri or S-Voice are capable of by integrating with your smartphone, Xbox One, tablet and more.
The latest Cortana leak comes courtesy of Xero who claims to have a prototype screenshot of Cortana in action on an as-yet un-released Microsoft Lumia smartphone.

Windows Phone 8.1 will feature new Live Tiles

Next up is the notifications centre, whilst not as exciting as the prospect of an all-encompassing digital assistant it will certainly be a welcome feature to those that have been looking at Apple's new iOS 7 and Google's Android operating system with jealousy.

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Sunday, 24 November 2013

PicHit.Me app for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones updated with improvements

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PicHit.Me, the WP photo app which allows you to sell and purchase photos is updated to version The update brings performance improvement and fixes to the app, check out the full changelog after break.
PicHit.Me is a global photo market that connects mobile photographers to buyers who need legal photos. The service allows users or companies to request a exact photo they want for project. Provide mobile photographers a platform to sell their photo work and get little extra income. Its also the place where users can contribute photos, get seen and get rewarded.

What’s New:
  • Update of Nokia ImageSDK
  • Minor improvement of performance
  • Minor GUI-changes
  • Minor bug-fixes

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Nokia Lumia 1520 performance compared with other Windows Phones

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AAWP have posted this video in which they compare the performance of the new 2.2 Ghz Snapdragon 800 powered Quadcore Nokia Lumia 1520 vs the dual-core 1.5 Ghz Nokia Lumia 925 and the 1 Gzh Nokia Lumia 625.

As can be expected, the Nokia Lumia 1520 has nearly double the score on WPBench benchmarking test, but interestingly it appears in day to day usage, at least with the core apps, there will hardly be a difference between the most expensive and cheapest handsets.
The main area where there will be a noticeable difference will be in processor-intensive apps such as Photosynth, but otherwise current Windows Phone users will not need to feel that their existing phones are out-dated and slow.

Read more at AAWP here.

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Vocal Camera. Control your phone’s camera with your voice

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Vocal Camera is a brand new app that allows you to control the phone’s camera with your voice. You can also control the camera settings such as scene modes, flash, grid and you can switch between cameras. Vocal Camera comes with default voice commands to use but it’s possible to customize them as you wish, so if your language is not English you can change them with customized in your own language (only if your language is supported by Windows Phone, otherwise they will not work).
Another interesting feature is the possibility to change the recognition sensitivity. A low sensitivity will make easier to recognize commands but the phone might interpret background noises as commands. At the same time it’s harder to recognize with an high sensitivity but the phone will no make mistakes. The recognition is more efficient when using earphones with microphone, so we really reccomend to use them for a better experience.
The developer says that this is the very first version of the app so you can encounter some bugs and errors especially due to differences between devices. If this happens you can write to him and explain the issues. Actually the front camera doesn’t work on some devices but it will be fixed on the next update.
Before using Vocal Camera be sure to have the speech support installed on your phone. You can check it into Phone Settings -> Speech. You have to put a check un “Enable Speech Recognition Service” too.

Vocal Camera is free and you can download it by clicking HERE.

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Six Popular Disney Games for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones goes free for limited time

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To keep your kids entertained this festive season, Disney is offering six of their popular WP game titles free for limited time.
Where’s My Water? 2                                                Where’s My Water?
Where’s My Perry?                                               Monsters University
3Where’s My Mickey?                                               Wreck-It Ralph
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Apict photography app for Lumia WP smartphones updated, goes free for limited time

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Apict, the feature-rich photography app for Nokia Lumia WP7/8 smartphones is updated to version 4.6. The app is now available Free for limited period (Normally $.99) over Windows Phone Store, check out the changelog after break.
The app give your photos a Polaroid or instant camera look, and allows you to share high resolution pics directly with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and now on Instagram via 6tag app. You can use the app to take a photo directly or post-process an existing photo if you want to take your time.

What’s New:
  • Share on Instagram (via 6tag)
  • Share via email, MMS or other installed apps
  • Lense support
  • Beautiful Live Tile (collage of your photos made with Apict)
  • Filters (choose from 11 amazing effects)
  • Font options (19 gorgeous fonts)
  • Resize and position your text (multitouch: drag & pinch)

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Official Windows Phone Twitter app updated with new features

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The official Twitter app for Windows Phone has been updated to version
Twitter App for Windows Phone QR
What’s new:
-Never miss a Tweet - Get notifications when your favorite accounts Tweet.
-Delete individual DMs by long pressing a single message
-Various bug fixes and improvements

Download it from the Windows Phone Store  here .

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Live from NYC

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Nokia MixRadio Launch live from NYC

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Instagram beta and Google’s social GPS app Waze now available for Nokia Lumia WP8 Smartphones

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World’s most popular social photo apps Instagram is now available for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones. Today, Microsoft and Facebook finally released first beta version of the official Instagram app for Windows Phone devices.
The app offers all basic Instagram functionalities except video upload. Just snap a picture or grab one from your Photos Hub, choose a retro-filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram (or share to Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr and Foursquare). Just like any other WP app, Instagram on Lumia have Live Tile which updates with data on the Start screen as well as support for fast-resume.

Share your photos in a simple photo stream with friends to see – and follow your friends’ photos with the click of a single button. Every day you open up Instagram, you’ll see new photos from your closest friends, and creative people from around the world.
  • The full set of Instagram filters including XPro-II, Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Lo-fi, Sutro, Toaster, Brannan, Inkwell, Walden, Hefe, Nashville, 1977, and more
  • Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift blur effects for extra depth of field.
  • Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Interact with friends through giving & receiving likes and comments
  • Full front & back camera support
  • And much much more…
Instagram WP App Demo by WPC:


Waze, the popular community based mapping, traffic & navigation app is now available for Nokia Lumia WP8 Smartphones. The app offers real-time road conditions, and thus save your time, gas and money.
Waze differs from traditional GPS navigation app as it is a community-driven application which gathers real-time traffic and road info from users. Users can report accidents, hazards, traffic jams, speed and police traps, and can also modify maps and roads. It’s all about contributing to and benefiting from the ‘common good’ on the road.

Find the cheapest gas station along your route with community-shared fuel prices. Waze also makes it fun and simple to meet up and coordinate with friends on the road.
  • Live routing based on community generated, real-time traffic and road info
  • Community contributed road alerts including accidents, hazards, police traps, road closures and more
  • Automatic re-routing as conditions on the road change
  • Learns your frequent destinations, commuting hours and preferred routes
  • Finds the cheapest gas station along your route
  • Notify someone you’re on your way by sending a live ETA and a link showing you as you drive
  • Earn points and move up the ranks in your community as you contribute road info
  • Live maps, constantly edited and updated by Waze community map editors

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Nokia rebrands its Music service to Nokia Mix Radio, completely refreshes Windows Phone app

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Nokia has today released a substantial update to its Nokia Music app available on all Lumia Windows Phones. Not only that, but the company has completely rebranded the service. Say hello to Nokia Mix Radio. To celebrate the launch of the software upgrade for its app on Windows Phone, Nokia is also looking to hold an event in New York on November 21st, but you can download the update today.
Should you not be familiar with the service, Nokia Music (now Nokia Mix Radio) offers a unique way to enjoy a variety of mixes and experience new music you weren't previously aware of. If you've never used the service before, we strongly recommend you grab your headphones and try it out. Should you be a veteran user, you'll love what's new in this update.

It's fitting that Nokia chose to rebrand its music service as Nokia Mix Radio, since this is the main selling point of the service itself. Multiple markets are supported, enabling consumers to enjoy a free music streaming service that requires no subscription and has no advertisements.

With over 150 playlists prescribed by Nokia’s "mixologists", Mix Radio gives users access to more than 18 million songs. Users can then download up to four playlists (eight hours of music) for free offline playback with no interruptions. It's great value. Should you require premium features and would like tosubscribe for unlimited downloads and more, Nokia asks for $3.99 a month (can upgrade inside the app).
We mentioned a new version of the app, right? Correct, the new Nokia Mix Radio app is simply gorgeous. Version 4 introduces the following (snatched from the app listing):
  • Play Me is a personalized mix inspired by your unique music profile
  • Thumbs up / Thumbs down to help refine your music profile
  • Share mixes with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by email and SMS
  • New name and a new look to make it even easier to use

Meet new Nokia Mix Radio

We mentioned an event above, which starts at 10am on November 21st - the day before Zero Hour. Should you reside in (or around) New York and are able to attend, be sure to RSVP over on the Facebook event listing
You can download Nokia Mix Radio from the Nokia Collection (same links as before, folks) on the Windows Phone Store.
Are you popping along to the event? Let us know in the comments, along with your initial thoughts on the new app.​

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Hipstamatic Oggl for Lumia WP8 smartphones updated

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Hipstamatic Oggl, the popular social photography app for Nokia Lumia WP8 smartphones is updated to v1.2.0.150. The latest version adds support for low-end 512MB RAM devices and brings over 50 improvements and bug fixes to the app.

Hipstamatic Oggl Pro also updated with improvements and bug fixes.
What’s New:
  • Added support for older devices with 512 MB of memory
  • Nearly 50 improvements and bug fixes

Hipstamatic Oggl Pro(only for Lumia 1020)

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Verizon announces Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet for $399.99

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As expected Verizon Wireless officially announced the availability and price of new Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet.
The new Windows RT 8.1 tablet will be available online and in select stores starting November 21 for $499.99. Carrier is also offering the tablet in contract (2 year) for $399.99. It’ll be available in both Black and Red color models.

The Lumia 2520 features a 10.1 inch IPS ClearBlack Full HD display with the best screen readability, LTE connectivity, built-in Microsoft Office and Outlook, 6.7MP rear camera with Carl Zeissoptics, 2MP front-facing camera, quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory with MicroSD card support, and a 8,000 mAh battery with 10 hours of battery life and super-fast charging up to 80% in just one hour.

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